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Increased Monthly Income

I was very uncertain about the retirement income options available to me before approaching Porter & Company via the Unbiased Advice website directory. Simon explained my options to me clearly and patiently. I now view my retirement in a much more positive light and can see that following his guidance I can increase my monthly income which has given me much peace of mind.

C. Milne / Epsom

Financial Planning For Elderly Relative

I contacted Simon’s office in Dorking seeking Financial Advice for an elderly relative. Whilst Simon could not immediately be of assistance with Financial Advice because of my relatives personal situation he was most helpful in giving his time and offering guidance and useful information which assisted me greatly and left me much better informed than before my call to his office.

G. Lobb, Dorking / Southampton

Improved Pension Plan Performance

I have been in the pensions industry for over 30 years, formerly as Senior Pensions Account Manager at L&G and Pensions Business Analyst at Equiniti.

I met Simon in 2008. I was unhappy with the investment performance of my pension plans at that time. Simon then helped me to assess my entire financial position and we discussed my future goals & ambitions. Simon then helped me consolidate my pension plans where appropriate into one visible, manageable plan. He then helped me formulate a financial plan going forwards.

I now have peace of mind in my financial position and am very happy with the investment performance achieved.

Simon has excellent financial planning knowledge and expertise. I would recommend him to anyone as a truly Independent Financial Adviser.

J. Bennett, Dorking & Wirral

Confidence to Plan for my Future

Since meeting Simon my finances have finally taken on a positive structure and given me the confidence to plan for my future. I was very uncertain about how my pensions were performing before taking Simon's advice, and without a doubt I would have been in a very precarious position when my mortgage finally matured had Simon not helped me and taken control of things on my behalf.

Simon's product knowledge, personal manner and polite personality make dealing with him an absolute pleasure and as a result of this I have forwarded his details to my friends and members of my family.

I would not hesitate recommending Simon's services to anyone and I would not want anyone else to manage my finances.

Dino Leone, Principle Mechanical Engineer, Formula 1

Investments, Pensions and Inherited Tax Planning Advice

I would highly recommend the advice of Simon Porter having benefitted as a family with advice across the spectrum with bonds, pensions and inherited tax planning.

Money management and planning has enabled us to cope with life's events and I have learnt a great deal over the years from Simon. Initially I was not aware of the potential of wise and prudent planning but as a family we put our trust in Simon, as fortunately my mother made his acquaintance in Dorking during 2009.

Helen Witkowski, Dorking